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Whiterun, even in the pouring rain the city was something to behold, and peaceful the city always seems to be. To think just a week earlier a dragon threatened the lives of this wondrous city as it destroyed the watch tower to the west of Whiterun. The dragon would of went for the city next if it hadn't been for me and the Whiterun guard. Yep I fought the dragon along side Whiterun’s finest and lived to tell the tale and on that same day I discovered my destiny. For I was a dragonborn; a being with the body of a fragile mortal but the soul of a mighty dragon that poses the power to use the Thu’um.
Now you’re all probably wondering where is the dashing and heroic dragonborn during this stormy night, up in Dragonsreach dining with the Jarl, maybe feasting with the with the Companions of Jorrvaskr boasting about my exploits. Well to put it bluntly, no I was spending my night at the Bannered Mare. The inn was a nice cosy little establishment, plenty of tables to seat most of Whiterun and a nice cosy fire pit in the center of the room, nice for those cold winters, and despite It being the time merchants and shopkeepers closed up there was very little customers, could barely call them a crowd.
And me, well I was at the counter just off to the right in a tankard of nordic mead thinking on what to do next. I sat by the counter, overhearing the many conversations around the inn, none of them very interesting, It wasn't till heard a commotion towards the door that grabbed my attention.
The two nords were around their standard 6ft, wearing the run of the mill fur armor, and with faces that came straight from the realm of Quagmire. I couldn't quite make out the third person but as far as I have heard the third was a Khajiit.
“We don’t want your kind around here cat”. The nord to the right said. “Yeah so hit the road you dirty little pickpocket.”The second nord to the left said.” I’m no thief much less a pickpocket so please leave me be I just want to rest after my long journey.” The khajiit said.
“By Shalidor’s beard I can hardly believe people these days.” I said to no one in particular as I looked on towards the nords. I had seen enough I couldn't just stand there and let this happen. “I think it's about time I teached these nords some manners.”
“ Well then we can help you with that we can give you some rest, eternal rest!” the nord to the left said with an insidious tone as they began to advance on the khajiit.
“Hey I believe the lady said to leave her alone.” My response surprised the two nords. “Thane we were just dealing with this pickpocket”. The nord off to my left said as he turned his head towards the Khajiit. She had white fur with spots like those to that of a leopard, eyes as blue as aetherius that glistened in the torch light, and wore some kind elvish armor fit for a mage.
“And what exactly was it she stole?”I asked knowing full well what their answer was. ”Um well we uhmm.”The two nords began stuttering as they tried to the best of their ability to find an answer. “That's what I thought, now if you don't leave this young lady alone before you do something rash.”
Personally I was hoping they would make the wrong move so I can test out some new tricks I learned on my journey.
”Oh really, well then why don't you bring it on milk drinker!” The nord on the left barked as the two began to advance on me at slow pace ,hands ready to grab their blades.
“Well than if that’s how you want to play it then.” As I said that I raised my arm up, holding out my hand a ball of crimson magicka formed in my hand. The two nords suddenly stopped dead in their tracks, seemingly frozen in place, realization finally hitting them, they looked at me with terror on their faces and fear gripping their hearts . With a smirk I cast the spell shooting the crimson sphere towards the nords.
On impact the ball exploded in a flurry of red crimson magicka that began to swirl around the two nords, they lurched back stunned from the power of the spell that was taking effect. They stood up bearing the looks of confusion at first, then like a boulder they were stuck with true utter terror. They screamed as they ran from the inn running to who knows where struck with a sudden hysteria, I was able to see them make it out the front gate before they disappeared from sight.
”Well I don't think they will bothering you anymore, you alright?” I asked the khajiit. “Yes I’m alright, if you hadn't been here I would have ended up as a rug! The khajiit replied. Her accent surprised me for she spoke with an imperial tongue, very rare to hear among khajiit. “So what brings you to good ole Whiterun?” I asked.
“Well I am here to rest for the night for you see I was on my way to the College of Winterhold to become a mage,” The khajiit said, ”Of course I’m In desperate need of a guard,” She then looked up at me with an inquisitive look on her face, “You aren't by any chance a sellsword are you?”
Initially I was taken back by this, but she was In need of my help and who could resist a damsel In need.  
“Well I’m no sellsword, but I can make an exception, you can count me in.” I said. “Really, well than It will be a pleasure to have your help.” she held out her hand to shake mine to which I replied with a hardy handshake.
“Well since we don’t leave until tomorrow would you care to join me for a drink.” She smiled. “I would be delighted to.” The Khajiit replied earnestly. As we walked towards the counter it occurred to me that I never got her name.
“By the way I never caught your name.” The Khajiit turned around giving looking at me with a puzzled look which was soon followed by a look of sudden realization. “Oh forgive me where are my manners, my name Is Aillinwe Snow Blade, and yours?” James Storm Rend, but others call me Storm Rend.”
This is the story of how the James The Grey Sorcerer and Aillinwe the Snow Mage
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